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Linux Revolution 2013

Anonymous Coward writes | about 2 years ago

Android 1

An anonymous reader writes "Linux Revolution 2013

Will this be the year of GNU/Linux? If you ask a ZDNet journalist you would probably get a yes, just like every year since 2009. If you take a look at Linux news, it seems that 2013 is shaping up for Linux to finally get more then it’s 1% market share. Ubuntu’s latest release is easier then ever to install and has added some great features.

There are a number of portable devices scheduled for be released in 2013.
  PengPod is wrapping up what looks to be a successful crowdfunding effort on indiegogo. They have a line of dual booting portable devices running GNU/Linux and Android/Linux. Vivaldi is another GNU/Linux tablet that has closed its pre-orders quoted from their site: “After an overwhelming response and thousands of pre-orders, the first shipments of Vivaldis have been spoken for.” Then you have Rasberry PI making a mini computer. Ubuntu is developing Ubuntu for Android.

So is 2013 the Year of Linux? Only time will, but it seems to have a good chance this time."

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Linux is already mainstream, you mean KDE/GNOME ? (1)

macpacheco (1764378) | about 2 years ago | (#42113037)

Android is killing the Smartphone market with 75% market share. Android is Linux.
Linux supercomputers dominate their market.
On the embedded market (routers/wifi/appliances) linux has at least 30% market share.
Web Servers ? Also around 30% or higher.
Even for non web server market (databases / ERP / ...) linux is a relevant player.
Perhaps the only market where linux isn't a serious contender is the desktop !
But Linux isn't KDE/GNOME. Linux is the kernel, and perhaps Linux/GNU.
Linux is already the most relevant OS in the overall market.
Stop obsessing with the desktop computer, its in serious decline. Just notice how microsoft shot itself in the foot with its Windows 8 Metro UI ! That's their acknoledgement that the conventional desktop glory days are gone, that in just a few years most "desktop" computers will actually be tablets with touch interfaces and perhaps a usb or bluetooth keyboard/mouse.
Linux already rules. Linux is already KING !

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