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iCracked Fixes Shattered iPhones, Wants to Be the AAA of Mobile

waderoush (1271548) writes | about 2 years ago


waderoush writes "The iPhone's screen may be made of Gorilla Glass, but that doesn't stop people from finding ways to destroy it. In fact, warranty provider SquareTrade says 30 percent of iPhone owners break their phones in the first 12 months after purchase; for people under 35, the rate is closer to 50 percent. Now there's a startup in Silicon Valley called iCracked that specializes in fixing fractured iOS devices, at costs below what owners will likely pay Apple if they go to the Genius Bar. From iCracked's Web or mobile site you can enter your location and device type, then wait a few minutes for a local 'iTech' to call you to schedule a repair visit. The company, which is backed by the Y Combinator startup accelerator, can also send you a DIY repair kit or buy your broken phone for cash, and it plans to offer insurance plans to ease replacement headaches for chronic iPhone-crushers. CEO AJ Forsythe says he wants the company to grow into 'the AAA of smartphones.'"
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