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Why is Microsoft/Bill Gates "The Enemy"?

rtobyr (846578) writes | about 2 years ago


rtobyr writes "We /.'ers love to bash on Microsoft and Bill Gates. I'm no exception. Among many reasons, I hate DOS vice Bash. Bash is so natural. "man" is so useful. DOS is--by comparison--an abomination. Yet, DOS scripts ("batch files") are so much more common--dare I say: the standard--when compared to Bash scripts. Why don't I look at *sh as the abomination?

Barring complaints of the Win8 UI, Vista, & ME (we all make *some mistakes*), Windows OS's starting with 2000 have been satisfactorily stable--even when compared to *nix competitors (including OSX). I can't remember having to reboot a Windows server unless I was updating it.

As much as I really hate to admit it, Windows Server does more than other OS's. I can use IIS if I want, but I can also use Apache or NginX. I can use DotNet or C# if I want, but I can also use C, C++, Python, Perl, or any number of other languages.

Most of "us" prefer Linux over Mac, and Mac over Windows. We prefer Tovralds over Jobs, and Jobs over Gates. Why? Which of them have done the most good? The B&M Gates Foundation gives billions of dollars (to include the lion's share of Warren Buffett's fortune) to charities. Jobs is not known for being a philanthropist. The same goes for Stallman & Torvalds, yet we favor them as role models.

Why? Please don't be to sarcastic. I honestly wonder why my loyalties lie where they do (BSD > Linux > Mac (Actually BSD... I know...) > Windows) when Gates is actually doing more for the impoverished than Stallman, Torvalds, Jobs, and Cook combined?

What phenomenon compels me to internally condemn the most generous, and yet idolize those who--based on what I know of them--are A-Holes?"

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Because MS IS EVIL (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 2 years ago | (#42127381)

Why? Because MS is the embodiment of EVIL.

Because MS entire business model is developing buggy software, gain adoption and then instead of fixing the bugs in the old software they release the same software with a new name and discontinue support for the software you bought, forcing you to buy the new software if you want the bugs fixed in the software you already paid for. If MS continued to update their older software that would be one thing, but MS forces its customers to buy the same core software over and over again. Windows NT (1996) --> Windows 2000 (1999) --> Windows XP (2001). Every 2-3 years you must buy the same core OS with a new name, basically paying for the same software over and over and over again. EVIL.

Because the feature creep in MS OS upgrades require their customers to buy a completely new computer. EVIL.

Because MS promises to include office software from a competitor in the initial release of Windows 95 and then ... develops their own office software.

Because of the MS mentality of baking hidden features into the OS which only MS knows about which makes MS Explorer and MS Office perform better and faster than their competitors. Fundamentally EVIL.

Because the hidden features that MS bakes into their OS are actually security holes which make any MS OS particularly vulnerable to hackers which create an environment which fosters viruses which in turn creates botnets which are used to send out SPAM and create DDOS attacks all over the world. The ROOT of all EVIL.

Because MS tries to hijack global standards with their embedded software to the detriment of all other computers. Witness Internet Explorer. EVIL.

Because MS ties their browser into their operating system making it impossible to uninstall something which is NOT really part of their operating system, all in the name of market domination. EVIL.

Because MS deliberately changes standards to force / coerce users to buy new versions of their office software with no real advantage. EVIL.

Because MS refuses to publish the standard for their old doc / xls / ppt office documents and then creates a new docx standard claiming it is open when it is not actually open. EVIL. Had MS supported the ODF standard and competed fairly with OpenOffice they would not have gone bankrupt and could continue to compete by selling a better designed more established product at a lower price. But then MS would not make as much money, so they created a new standard and used their market dominance to make OpenOffice largely irrelevant because it did not support their NOT open bogus XML standard. EVIL.

Because MS does deals with OEMs where they try to exclude competing OS solutions. ILLEGAL & EVIL.

Because MS sells Windows to OEMs at about $14 per copy (Dell paid $14 per copy for Windows XP) and then turns around and sells the same exact software to DIY enthusiasts who want to build their computer themselves for $250 to thwart the ability for people to build their own computers while simultaneously strengthening the business operations of their partners like Dell. EVIL.

Because MS promises they will never get into the hardware business and then ... goes into the hardware business.

Because MS signed a contract with IBM to jointly develop OS2 and then pulled the best engineers off that project and basically killed OS2, forcing users to suffer through the far inferior Windows 3.1 torture for many years, all in the name of market domination. EVIL.

Because MS builds in so much 'phone home' functionality into their software to spy on their users which is near impossible to disable. EVIL EVIL EVIL.

Because MS deliberately discontinues support and updates for OS and yet they refuse to open source the OS to allow users to continue to update the software. Think about this. A computer purchased in 2001 cannot run Windows 7. It is best off running Windows XP and will run just fine, but in today's world of viruses if Windows XP updates are discontinued ... the computer will be overtaken by viruses. Which means the computer must be thrown away because Microsoft refuses to fix the bugs which they designed into their software. Now consider the alternative. Microsoft could dedicate 2-3 engineers to updating Windows XP which would cost maybe $500,000. They could continue to sell Windows XP and probably easily sell a few thousand licenses per year. They could probably pay for the cost of those developers solely by continue to sell XP to companies which do not WANT to upgrade to Windows 7. But instead they force all those people who own 10 year old computers to throw away those machines. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL.

That's 15 reasons. Do I need to go on?

Now the Bill & Malinda Gates foundation is giving away the money which Bill Gates' EVIL MS stole from customers by requiring us to purchase the same core software over and over and over again. How many people out there have lost countless hours or priceless data because MS poorly designed buggy software crashed? Because MS refused to invest the software engineers in the development of the software to fix the bugs. EVIL.

lions share to charity? (1)

dgharmon (2564621) | about 2 years ago | (#42129509)

At most 5% per year, the rest is safe from the taxman ...
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