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Why can't I merge cell and internet service?

coyoteworks (989739) writes | about 2 years ago


coyoteworks (989739) writes "I can't find a single suitable way to merge my cellular and internet services. Presently, I have choices of ComCast (cable) or Windstream (DSL) for internet services, as well as a variety of carriers for cellular. Tethering blogs cellular service and adds caps. Laptops with embedded cellular antennas are expensive. Why doesn't a major wireless player offer a viable merged cellular / internet service? I would think that this would be eaten up by the public. I would go for it, but the bar is still too high. Any insight?"

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AT&T? (1)

skade88 (1750548) | about 2 years ago | (#42142551)

AT&T offers land line service and cell phone service. I am willing to bet Windstream uses AT&T services at some point for their DSL. The problem there is AT&T DSL is slow and so is their CellPhone service has been rated the worst in the nation on 3G coverage yet again.

Google is rolling out Fiber home internet to homes in KC. Rumor has it that Google is looking to start a cell phone service too. Maybe they could do it well where A&T has failed to keep up with needed infrastructure.
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