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Ad Blocking, Profit, Constitution, Practicality

Transaction7 (1527003) writes | about a year ago


Transaction7 writes "Somebody needs to post how to use Hosts file, as one poster suggests, to control ads. If my try doesn't work, I'm sure most computer users can't make it work, but I wish I could find a way to learn more about coding etc. that can be read with my uncorrectable limited vision (can read most text but code is tough).

Where did anybody ever get the fool idea that their right to say something, in an ad or otherwise, includes a right to coerce me into listening or viewing it?

Where in blazes did the existence of a technical capability for an advertiser, government, terrorist or child pornographer to invade my computer and its associated devices, including offsite storage, and view anything there, create any right to invade my privacy by doing so, much less to install anything on my computer, especially as some of it causes it to send them private data or just crash? Where does viewing a news article, free or paid, give the poster, who does have the right to include ads if I'm free to watch or not watch them, anything approaching a right to identify me as doing so? As for the grabbing of my computer by pop-overs etc., that should long ago have been outlawed.

My professional life very unexpectedly came to involve a lot of child and adult clients who turned out to have been subjected to mostly incestuous childhood sexual abuse. Some of their fathers and close relatives, and abusers, were palmed off on us by both political parties, or otherwise powerful, which is another set of privacy, etc. issues, mine and the survivors'. I have done considerable research and some posting on line. The NY Times ad targeting assumed that I had a daughter (regretfully I don't) who needed treatment for sexual abuse (an awful lot of people I know in privileged and confidential relationships, or meet at Chamber mixers and the grocery store, did or do). Ironically, the advertisers were nowhere near me or my clients. When I called them on this, for some even more unfathomable reason, they started flooding me with ads for marked up gold, penny stocks, and other crap in which I have even less interest. If I go to one legitimate medical site or its section on anything sexual including sexual abuse issues, for some fascinating reason I got Emails, using the less common spelling of my wife's name, trying to sell me fake Viagra and other such stuff by telling me, in gutter language my wife would never use, that I'm no good, etc. I've beefed up my block list and use ad filtering but still get some like that. At least one site pushing the side of an issue with which I disagree has therefore listed me as one of their members and supporters.


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