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Over 1000 volunteers for 'suicide' mission to Mars

thAMESresearcher (2735729) writes | about 2 years ago

Mars 1

thAMESresearcher (2735729) writes "The Dutch company Mars One is organizing a one way mission to Mars 2023. In a press release that came out today, they say they have over a thousand applicants already.
In the press release they also mention that they are now a nor-for-profit Foundation.
It sounds ambitious, but they have a Nobel prize winner, an astronaut and several people from NASA on their board."

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Suicide Mission? Or, He died doing something... (1)

siriuskase (679431) | about 2 years ago | (#42187865)

A one way trip to Mars isn't necessarily a suicide mission anymore than a one way to trip to anywhere else is. You just live out the rest of your natural life there. If it isn't possible to survive on the local economy or live off the land, you schedule periodic supply ships for however long it is necessary. If some pioneers meet with an early demise, it isn't necessarily because they wanted to die, anymore than if someone dies climbing mountains or motorcycling. What do people say? "He died doing something he loved."

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