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Are Apple CEOs Smarter Than A Two-Year-Old?

theodp (442580) writes | about 2 years ago

Apple 1

theodp (442580) writes "With little more than a because-we-say-so, Apple CEOs Steve Jobs and Tim Cook were able to convince the public that touchscreen laptops were utterly useless. But as The Emperor's New Clothes showed, a child's truth is mercifully free of adult corruption. A toddler isn't going to be impressed or influenced by Apple CEOs and their highfalutin OS X Human Interface Guidelines ('the OS X user experience is streamlined, powerful, and elegant') and rules for how to Handle Gestures Appropriately. She'll just go by what makes obvious sense to her. So, after becoming accustomed to the touch interfaces on her father's iPhone and the family's Surface, it's no wonder that a GeekWire writer's two-year-old daughter found it oh-so-odd that her Dad's MacBook Pro was unresponsive to her touches and swipes (video). Sorry Apple, you can't fool all of the two-year-olds all of the time!"

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Answer (1)

treeves (963993) | about 2 years ago | (#42201165)


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