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Text spammer wants FCC to declare spam filters illegal.

TCPALaw (609927) writes | about 2 years ago

Spam 2

TCPALaw (609927) writes "ccAdvertising, a company purported to have “a long, long, long history of pumping spam out of every telecommunications orifice, and even boasting of voter suppression” has asked the FCC to declare spam filters illegal. Citing Free Speech rights, the company claims that wireless carriers should be prohibited from employing spam filters that might block ccAdvertising’s political spam. Without stating it explicitly, the filing implies that network neutrality must apply to spam, so the FCC must therefore prohibit spam filters (unless political spam is whitelisted). In an earlier filing, the company suggests it is proper that recipients "bear some cost" of unsolicited political speech sent to their cell phones.
        The public can file comments with the FCC on ccAdvertising’s filing here."

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Absolutely ridiculous. (1)

ciscoguy01 (635963) | about 2 years ago | (#42256929)

Glad they don't send out fax spam, they would be insisting we print out and carefully read all the junk faxes they send us. Turning our equipment into a printing press to print their advertising for them at no cost to them. Or maybe they do?
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