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Ask Slashdot: Setting up a summer camp tech center

michaelknauf (830252) writes | about 2 years ago


michaelknauf (830252) writes "I'm running a large summer camp that's primarily concerned with performing arts: music, dance, circus, magic, theater, art, and I want to add some more tech into the program. We already do some IOS game design with Stencyl, we have an extensive model railroad and remote control car program and a pretty big computer lab (about 100 apple machines) Our program provides all materials as part of tuition, so I've stayed away from robotics as a matter of cost, but I'd love to buy a 3d printer and do classes with that and the Arduino is cheap enough to make some small electronics projects sensible... where do I find the sort of people who could teach such a program as a summer gig? What projects make sense without spending too much cash on a per project basis but would be cool fun for kids and would teach them?"
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Where to find (1)

Seeteufel (1736784) | about 2 years ago | (#42294477)

Reminds me of the Hackers in Planet Europe (HOPE) event and the chaos communications camp. Where to find, in a euro-hackerspace...
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