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A programmable MMORPG that is built using crowd-sourcing

joshgriffith (2795943) writes | about 2 years ago

AI 0

joshgriffith writes "Topia Online is a sandbox MMORPG that is built by the community. Not only is every creature in the game controlled by players, but all aspects of the game can be automated using Javascript. The game engine encourages the use of a built-in IDE to manipulate the game world and it's denizens. Additionally, the core server code will be exposed for the players to review. Game systems are in place to provide rules for script execution based on the player's character and resources.

Players compete for resources and the struggle for power by writing intelligent scripts that allow their agents to survive in the persistent game world. As the characters grow in power, the developer can create new abilities to further their agenda. Additionally, a built-in interface editor allows experienced developers to create UI to improve the user experience of the game. Finally, a script marketplace provides a system for users to share their creations with others. The game has potential to be a Javascript learning tool, as well as a testbed for simulating virtual ecosystems. Although the game is still in the alpha stages, there are playable 'offline' sandboxes for users to experiment in. The game is slated to start beta in January 2013, with an estimated launch date of March 2013."

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