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EU charges Samsung with abusing vital telecoms patent

Dupple (1016592) writes | about 2 years ago

EU 1

Dupple (1016592) writes "The European Commission charged Samsung Electronics on Friday with abusing its dominant position in seeking to bar rival Apple from using a patent deemed essential to mobile phone use.

The Commission sent a "statement of objections" to the South Korean group, with its preliminary view that Samsung was not acting fairly.

"Intellectual property rights are an important cornerstone of the single market. However, such rights should not be misused when they are essential to implement industry standards, which bring huge benefits to businesses and consumers alike," Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in statement."

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More damaging (1)

SilenceBE (1439827) | about 2 years ago | (#42362647)

The abuse of FRAND patents is more dangerous then design patents. The latter is something you can work around, which is not the case of patents that are essential for standards.

It is a shame that it as popular to hate Apple as owning iDevices, as it is something that even is applaud just because it is used against Apple. But if you forget the names it is a very disturbing trend.

It baffles me that I know a lot of people against SW patents, but then are cheerleading when a Nokia, Motorola or Samsung is playing the FRAND card. And don't start that the enemy of my enemy, BS. You can't be a little against software patents.
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