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Bee Venom has "Botox-like Effect", is worth 7 times as much as Gold

dryriver (1010635) writes | about a year ago


dryriver (1010635) writes "The BBC reports that cosmetic products using Bee Venom as an ingredient are a new "hot seller" in the cosmetics market. Bee venom is said to have an effect on female skin similar to Botox injections, tightening the skin and making wrinkles and other signs of aging appear less pronounced than before. Unlike Botox, however, bee venom does not need to be injected, and can be absorbed through the skin naturally as an ingredient of cosmetic skin creme. Now comes the kicker: A special electrified device that causes bees to sting a synthetic membrane and release their venom can harvest about 1 gram of bee venom from 20 bee hives. That 1 gram of bee venom is worth a whopping 350 Dollars in the market. This makes Bee Venom almost 7 times more valuable than Gold, which, in comparison, is worth only about 53 Dollars per 1 gram. Cosmetics experts are still debating whether Bee Venom has any tangible, or positive effect on human skin at all. But the market for Bee Venom based cosmetics has taken off big time. And that, by itself, has made Bee Venom one of the most expensive substances, per gram, on earth."
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