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Ask Slashdot: Crazy cloud formation

Alexinator1 (2801829) writes | about a year ago


Alexinator1 writes "A suburb of Dallas, TX, USA
Approximately 20:00 (-6:00 -gmt Central United States)

A cloudy night, not too chilly considering the expected ice storm that was blaring all over the radio and tv. I slithered out the side garage door, wearing sandles, shorts and a t shirt and also my trench coat and beanie. I looked up to see the white moon staring back at me.

    At that moment my eyes refocused and in the clouds overhead there was an opening. My eyes further focused and I said, "woah." I traced the shape of the cloud with surprise and soon following, confusion. It was a massive perfect orb of emptiness in a single massive cloud that took up 60% of the visible sky highlighted by the blackness of space and the reflection of the moon along the edges of the cloud. It was like a punchout.

Across the top of the punchout, about 2/3 of the way up, there was a diagonal line that looked like a massive thick vapor trail. With my poor estimation approximately 100-400 feet thick, if the empty circle was 2000-5000 feet in diameter. I could not have drawn it better myself.

I immediately ushered my roomie outside and said, "wow, I see it too." We both agreed on the perfection of this Perfect Circle. The worst part is I didn't have a camera that could defeat the lights on my street and my phone is broke so I couldn't tell my brother to step outside and snap one with his good camera.

    I have looked online for an answer, I have seen some people say it's ice in the atmosphere, which doesn't make sense because this was like a cutout in a dense cloud. Other people call it a corona of a cloud and others still insisting it is HAARP. And just maybe Maynard James Keenan got on the HAARP machine and was letting us know they're in the studio.

      I mean, why not a perfectly round spacecraft that was hovering still, while using a parallel dimension phase shifting cloaking device and to travel it had to come back into our dimension putting it in the middle of the cloud and it took off straight up with such perfectly smooth propulsion that left a beautiful ring in the space around the ship and the line was some sort of thruster propulsion to get out of the atmosphere. And they just used modern noise cancelling on a massive scale to cancel the noise of their engines.

It really would have helped to be able to see that top of the cloud to see what it looked like.

So Slashdot, I need an educated answer as to what this phenomenon, if anything, really is."

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