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BatteryTech Engine Promises Next-Gen Mobile Games

rbgrn (443653) writes | about a year and a half ago

Android 0

rbgrn (443653) writes "If you were a game developer at the release of Android 1.0, you may remember how few options there were for game engines. There were a few desktop engines ported over early on, but performance and lifecycle support were always an issue. A little later, Android-centric Java-based engines like libGDX and AndEngine showed up and have helped to deliver thousands of games to the market. As soon as the Android NDK became available, a flood of new cross-platform engines and ports of iOS engines became available. The options today are good, but not many engines are taking steps forward, providing features like OpenGL ES 2.0 support that really take advantage of the modern hardware that 95% of us have. In late November, BatteryTech Engine 2.0 was finally released after a year of development. It brings with it support for modern hardware features on both iOS and Android, Lua scripting, many open file formats and is one of the few engines that actually includes source when you buy it."

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