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AT&T- Verizon collude to offer poor service

alexander_686 (957440) writes | about 2 years ago

Wireless Networking 1

alexander_686 writes "I recently found a very good about article How AT&T and Verizon Manipulate Your Smartphone by Susan Crawford. It’s the 2nd excerpt from her book “Captive Audience.”

The two kinds of Internet-access carriers, wired and wireless, have found they can operate without competing with each other. The cable industry and AT&T- Verizon have divided up the world much as Comcast and Time Warner did; only instead of, “You take Philadelphia, I’ll take Minneapolis,” it’s, “You take wired, I’ll take wireless.”

I am a free market type of guy. I do recognize the abuse that can come from natural monopolies that utilities tend to have, but I have never considered this type of collusion before."
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This is not a free market (1)

A nonymous Coward (7548) | about 2 years ago | (#42411757)

It is crony capitalism. The collusion is not just AT&T and Verizon, it includes their government buddies too.

In a free market, competitors wouldn't be excluded by government regulations, and abominable behavior like this would be countered by private lawsuits for fraud, false advertising, who knows what. It wouldn't depend on getting so many people complaining that their congress critters finally lean on the FCC and FTC and who knows what other agencies to do something, but the only thing they would do would be cosmetic to stop the constituent caterwauling.

It's really tiring seeing all these complaints about abuse of the free market and calls for more government ocntrol when it is government collusion that aids and abets the problem in the first place. Just like Occupy Wall Street, complaining about the fat cats on Wall Street, ok, but then they want the government to do something about it when government caused the problems, tries to hide the problems, tries to cover them up, and is run by Wall Street fat cats who get recycled back and forth between government and Wall Street. "Please Mr Crook Boss Sir, please protect me from the crooks you sent to my house to rob me."

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