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Dealing With The Police As A Photographer

ios and web coder (2552484) writes | about 2 years ago

Security 0

ios and web coder (2552484) writes "Submitter's Notes: This is not a fresh story, so I can certainly see it being binned as "stale," however, a photographer that I know recently linked to this story, and I thought that it is still extremely relevant (and well-written). The Strobist is a very well-known and well-regarded photographer's blog.

Are you a photographer in the US? Congratulations. In the eyes of some of your more dimwitted fellow citizens, you are now potentially a member of al Qaida. Thanks to ridiculous government posters like the one above, people are now conditioned to be suspicious of photographers. And photographers using flashes on location are all the more noticeable to people who are predisposed to phone in anything out of the ordinary, just in case. Don't think so? True story: I actually had an interaction with the police for photographing a maple tree."

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