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Firefox ESR 17.01 is out. EOL for Firefox 10.x soon

Billly Gates (198444) writes | about 2 years ago

Firefox 0

Billly Gates (198444) writes "Firefox 17 ESR is now available for corporate IT departments, government institutions, as well as those who like a longer term more predictable version that still receives security updates and bug fixes. You can download it here. Firefox 10.x releases are on the top and the new 17.x release is on the bottom. Firefox 10.x is only supported for 6 more weeks and Mozilla will pull the plug on Feb. 12th. Now is a great time for I.T. administrators to download it and test their addons, extensions, and intranet apps to schedule deployment. Sadly, active directory support and group policies are still lacking compared to IE and even Chrome. But third party .MSIs are available as well as powershell scripts from the internet to deploy it to end users at your organizations. Firefox 17 is a significant upgrade compared to 10 as Mozilla has created a separate project to squash memory leaks with great results. Firefox 17 also offers improved GPU acceleration and smooth scroll support as well. Users with many tabs open with decent graphics card should notice the upgrade."
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