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Ask Slashdot: How do you deploy small office WIFI SSIDs?

junkfish (460683) writes | about 2 years ago


junkfish (460683) writes "I am not able to install a controller based WIFI solution in my office due to cost, but I like presenting my users with a Single SSID rather than an array of four or five differently named SSID from different access points. My Question to Slashdot is, What is your experience deploying multiple wireless access points with the same SSID and password? I have been doing this with Cisco 1040 series Access Points this year, and have had good success. It seems like the client is able to determine which AP is best to connect to, and is able to roam around the office with out too much of an interruption when it connects to a different AP. Is this sloppy practice? Or does the general state of the 802.11 provide for this sort of resiliency. I am really interested in your opinion because I have not seem too much documented on this subject. Thanks"

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