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Death of Printed Books May Have Been Exaggerated

razor88x (877948) writes | about 2 years ago


razor88x (877948) writes "Although just 16% of Americans have purchased an e-book to date, the growth rate in sales of digital books is already dropping sharply. At the same time, sales of dedicated e-readers actually shrank in 2012, as people bought tablets instead. Meanwhile, printed books continue to be preferred over e-books by a wide majority of U.S. book readers. In his blog post Will Gutenberg Laugh Last?, writer Nicholas Carr draws on these statistics and others to argue that, contrary to predictions, printed books may continue to be the book's dominant form. "We may be discovering," he writes, "that e-books are well suited to some types of books (like genre fiction) but not well suited to other types (like nonfiction and literary fiction) and are well suited to certain reading situations (plane trips) but less well suited to others (lying on the couch at home). The e-book may turn out to be more a complement to the printed book, as audiobooks have long been, rather than an outright substitute.""

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eBooks are way overpriced (1)

walterbyrd (182728) | about 2 years ago | (#42492767)

They did not start out that way, but these days, an ebook is fairly likely to cost as much, or more, than the hardcover.

Thing is, unlike the hardcover, you cannot resell the ebook. Because of this, ebooks should be a fraction of the price of the printed books.

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