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Vietnamese court forces casino to pay US$55.5 million in winnings to gambler

D H NG (779318) writes | about 2 years ago

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D H NG (779318) writes "A court in Vietnam had ruled in favor of a gambler who won US$55,542,256.70 from a slot machine in 2009. The casino claimed that the machine malfunctioned and offerred to pay back only the US$300 he spent gambling. The man sued, claiming that it is the casino's responsibility to ensure the integrity of the machines and that their regulations were vague as to what constituted a malfunction. The court sided with the plaintiff, since the defendants unilaterally took out the circuit board of the machine to investigate, rendering the evidence inadmissible. The defendants planned to appeal, claiming that 'no one would program a slot machine to pay $55 million from 10 cents.'"
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