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Workers Told: Use Java or use the door!

Earthquake Retrofit (1372207) writes | about 2 years ago

Programming 1

Earthquake Retrofit (1372207) writes "At one point I thought 'ordinary' computer users were going to be more or less like me. Then again, I thought I'd have a flying car by now.

I don't suppose it should be a crime to force programmers to use Java. But when I read headlines like this I feel so grateful I'm a hobbyist programmer and have never had to deal with the corporate BS. And today's ordinary user has little or no idea how much power they have in their hand or on their desktop. I do.

To me, it's a joy to write code. Inventing a elegant new (to me) algorithm and watching it compile and run correctly still gives me a thrill. Coding empowers me in ways nothing else does and it's FUN. I make programs with no regard or concern with patents nor copyright nor bosses nor schedules ad nausium. Everything I need to learn, or can't make myself, is available on the Internet for free. I write code the way I want, my programs do what I tell them to do. I have the power!

I can be creative in ways that were never before possible. I'm doing 'work' in linguistics, music, visual art and photography, communications and AI; all things I never knew I could do and it's really just play. All for the price of a little electricity, an Internet account and an old computer with a new Linux."

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Link? (1)

TheWanderingHermit (513872) | about 2 years ago | (#42555235)

So are you going to give us a link or not?

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