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"Superomniphobic" nanoscale coating repels almost any liquid

cylonlover (1921924) writes | about 2 years ago

Science 1

cylonlover (1921924) writes "A team of engineering researchers at the University of Michigan has developed a nanoscale coating that causes almost all liquids to bounce off surfaces treated with it. Creating a surface structure that is least 95 percent air, the new "superomniphobic" coating is claimed to repel the broadest range of liquids of any material in its class, opening up the possibility of super stain-resistant clothing, drag-reducing waterproof paints for ship hulls, breathable garments that provide protection from harmful chemicals, and touchscreens resistant to fingerprint smudges."
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When will phone makers use it (1)

niftymitch (1625721) | about 2 years ago | (#42614071)

When will phone makers use it to protect the internals of phones? At least a small spray to keep the tattle tale bits from turning red.
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