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Secret UK uranium components plant closed over safety fears

Lasrick (2629253) writes | about 2 years ago

The Military 2

Lasrick (2629253) writes "The Guardian with an exclusive story regarding the secret uranium-enriching plant in the UK that is closed due to safety fears. Corrosion has been found in its "structural steelwork." That can't be good."
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Not uranium enriching (1)

Lasrick (2629253) | about 2 years ago | (#42684487)

Title here is misleading, sorry. It's not a uranium enriching plant, but rather "A top-secret plant at Aldermaston that makes enriched uranium components for Britain's nuclear warheads and fuel for the Royal Navy's submarines has been shut down because corrosion has been discovered in its "structural steelwork", the Guardian can reveal." There is some debate going on over the article over Pugwash and other lists that deal in non-proliferation issues.

Re:Not uranium enriching (1)

Kupfernigk (1190345) | about 2 years ago | (#42684601)

Top secret? It's in a densely populated part of the Home Counties and people know exactly what goes on there. I was on the canal near there once when a truck bashed the bridge, and the speed with which the road was cleared was astonishing. The only way you don't know, if you live in the area, is stupidity.

As a guy from H&SE once remarked to me, living near Aldermaston is like living near Vesuvius, except you can't see the smoke plume.

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