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Making Wireless Carriers Play Together

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year and a half ago


An anonymous reader writes "Ok, so the idea of opening all Wi-Fi networks in a misthought utopian vision didn’t go over so well. But no one discussed the best part of open Wi-Fi networks: bonding different Wi-Fi and mobile carriers to get the best price and decent performance. We could save money and avoid lock in by bouncing to whoever gives us the best rate, and, when we need speed, jump on all of them at once for a network bonded boost."

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Harness the Wifis (1)

mhess126 (917179) | about a year and a half ago | (#42753657)

I was wondering about this when reading about the Free Wifi Initiative. The only thing cooler than free wifi is harnessing MANY free wifis!
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