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Nokia chief suggests its will soon launch a Windows tablet

Techy77 (2624481) writes | about a year and a half ago

Blackberry 2

Techy77 (2624481) writes "Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop has given the clearest indication yet that the Finnish mobile phone stalwart will soon make its assault on the booming tablet computer market, with a windows-based device the most likely starting point. He also says the Lumia phones are better than the new BlackBerrys .... unsurprisingly!"
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Thanks for the link (1)

symbolset (646467) | about a year and a half ago | (#42783545)

As always Elop's statements are hilarious. Now that he's given over Nokia's entire fanatically loyal immense Symbian user base to Samsung's Android he's happy he chose not to compete with them on Android, because that would have been somehow worse than where he's at, sitting in a corner wishing he had those customers back instead of giving them a Nokia Android platform they could tolerate. 95% of them have fled.

This one's not going to hit the front page, but I appreciate the link, Techy77.

As for the subject though: after reading the article it does not line up with your headline. At most it is a "interesting question but no comment" to that subject. You have to really, really want a Nokia WinRT tablet to read that into this article - and that would make you rather "special".

Shark in a puddle (1)

tuppe666 (904118) | about a year and a half ago | (#42783605)

My favourite bit is at the bottom "He said Nokia considered Android, but felt the market was becoming too crowded. The growing dominance of Samsung, he said, had vindicated that decision..."

Nokia was 4x as large as Samsung when he started burning bridges, and has the largest in the world it is now 10th (7 of them make Android), by choosing the Microsoft...a platform everybody else is dropping ironically the companies he mentions, Samsung; HTC have drastically cut back their windows phone offerings, and Motorola have dropping Microsoft for a long time.

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