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US to spend 500 Million dollars destroying our stock of U233

drewm1980 (902779) writes | about a year and a half ago


drewm1980 (902779) writes "U233 is an isotope of Uranium that can be used for starting molten salt breeder reactors, among other things. The US Dept. of Energy is in the process of spending half a million dollars to destroy the US's stockpile of this resource, since it is not currently used by the united states. A petition to stop this destruction ends Feb. 12."
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not surprising (1)

crutchy (1949900) | about a year and a half ago | (#42837771)

every other decision made by the united states government recently seems to be putting the country on a collision course with hell, so why would they stop now?

it makes me wonder whether there are forces at play that are deliberately aiming for a collapse of the greenback (maybe to pave the way for the supposed 'new world order')

why pursue an alternative energy source when oil is so easy to secure? all you have to do is spend billions of dollars maintaining the world's most powerful military to police the world and oppress countries with governments that don't play the petrodollar game

not to mention that existing nuclear reactors will eventually reach their limits and need to be upgraded or replaced

and its not like 500 million could be better spent elsewhere... you know, like maybe saving it to reduce the nation's deficit a wee bit to prevent it piling onto a debt that can never possibly be repaid anyway

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