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Computer Repair Company Takes Revenge on Devious Customer

herrshuster (2839577) writes | about a year and a half ago


herrshuster (2839577) writes "Nerds on call, a small computer repair company, was sued for $500,000 dollars by a customer claiming that they had lost critical information in his litigation. But when they looked into his history, they found this was not the first time he had tried to get money from a company through either his own error or ignorance: In retaliation, they posted an explanation of the circumstances on their site that totalled more than 17,000 words in an attempt to google-bomb his name. Their closing statement: "In the end we won’t label him a scam artist, or assume he had nefarious intent, however, we will let the entire history of our interactions with him stand on their own.""
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Ouch. (1)

InfiniteBlaze (2564509) | about a year and a half ago | (#42883387)

You don't seem to have much of a defense. There are no "telltale signs" of setting up a RAID. It's either set in the BIOS or set in the RAID controller's BIOS. Also, it's pretty easy to determine the integrity of the data - a simple hard drive test can tell if the drive is failing, and any live CD is acceptable for determining if the files still exist or not. Seems like a case of technical incompetence, IMO. Nice style on the website though.

Re:Ouch. (1)

herrshuster (2839577) | about a year and a half ago | (#42887561)

What it looked like is that someone had tried to set up raid and then, realising their own inability to do so, attempted to reverse the decision, leading to the corruption. If you look at the other linked article, as well as looking around the web for this guy's name, he seems to make a lot of "mistakes" that result in a lawsuit for him.

Re:Ouch. (1)

InfiniteBlaze (2564509) | about a year and a half ago | (#42903047)

In the interest of being political, I will not expound upon the fault in your description of the problem. Suffice it to say that it's hooey. RAID isn't magic, and it isn't terribly complex. You add drives to an array, and that's handled by the drive controller. Most RAID controllers wipe the drive clean when you create an array, which would have destroyed all of his data. It wouldn't have just been "corrupted". I can think of maybe two scenarios where there might be "telltale signs" of a failed attempt to create a RAID array, but neither seems to apply in this case. Regardless, for some reason, your story piqued my interest, so I went ahead and searched on your customer's name. The first article of significance I came upon was this: [] It was on the third page of a Google search for the name listed in your "original source" link. I'd say his claim seems to back up my suspicion - the technician(s) assigned were not competent, and for you to come to a place where geeks hang out and try to besmirch the name of a customer for whom it seems the service was not just poor, but HORRIBLE is a smear on your own name. I'm not going to continue to chastise you. I imagine your fears of actually having to pay for the mistakes of one of your techs (or yourself) are enough to worry about without having your peers tell you the ways in which someone screwed up. My best advice is that when this actually goes to court, since it seems the man's disability claim has been affected and he'll need money on which to survive, let your lawyer do the talking for you. The one other claim that you linked (where a clerk gave him brake fluid instead of power steering fluid) does not constitute "a lot of 'mistakes'".
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