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New Medal Designed To Honor Cyber Soldiers

dmfinn (2840625) writes | about a year and a half ago


dmfinn (2840625) writes "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has announced his plans to coin a new medal designed to honor those soldiers who fight behind screens. The award, which unnamed officials have dubbed the, "Distinguished Warfare Medal", will honor military personal who have proven themselves exceptional beyond their peers in regards to cyberwarefare. Unlike other medals in its tier, the DWM will not require any sort of "act of valor", an action in which ones life is put at risk, which means drone pilots and cyberwarefare operators are eligible to receive it. The medal cannot be given for any efforts made in the flesh, and any cyber operator will be eligible to receive it for his or her actions that took place after September 11th, 2001. In ranking to other medals, the defense department has confirmed that is considered an honor slightly higher than the Bronze Star, but lower than the Distinguished Flying Cross. This will be the first new medal introduced into the U.S. armed forces since the induction of the Bronze Star after WWII.

The official summary of the award states it will be award for, "extraordinary achievement, not involving acts of valor, directly impacting combat operations or other military operations.""

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Hacker medal? (1)

Linktwo (2653953) | about a year and a half ago | (#42891097)

Just one medal? There should be Firewall achievements on XBLA, Trophies #hash !Bang explosions .... too much .. too many F.P.S
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