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Hey Snails Founder Sees Future in Virtual World for Kids

Hey Snails (2841021) writes | about a year ago

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Hey Snails writes "Pacifica, California, 14 February 2013 – The newest kid on the block, Hey Snails, is a welcome addition to the growing universe of social networks for kids. Described as a "fun and safe virtual world for kids where they can chat, hang around, make new friends and play", Hey Snails is the first product of Hey Snails Inc., a California-based company founded by Ex-Zynga Engineer and Social Games Evangelist, Redentor "Red" Quiambao and his partner, Harold Khan.

During his stint at Zynga, Red was part of the development team for such major hits, FarmVille, YoVille, Zynga Poker, The Pioneer Trail and Scramble. His coding skills were significant as well during Zynga's early days when he helped develop timeless favorites such as Word Twist, Pathwords, and Challenge Sudoko. Harold, on the other hand, is a child at heart and a technology buff. His artistic hands demonstrate the best in illustration, graphic design, web design and photography. Now that they are both at Hey Snails, Red and Harold are betting their company's future on kids.

"There is a huge, untapped potential waiting to be explored in the kids and young adults segment. Kids nowadays are technologically-savvy and naturally curious, yet not a lot of products in the market are suited to their needs. That puts us in a unique position to design a product that will help fill that gap" says Red, a father of three kids himself.

NewZoo, an international market research firm, has released the Online Casual and Social Games Trend Report showing significant figures in the gaming habits of people in the United States. According to the report, people in the US spend 215 million hours on gaming everyday, 39% of which are attributed to online casual and social gaming. Some 87% of the 145 million US gamers aged between 10 and 65 play on casual websites and social networks. These staggering numbers present a great business opportunity for a company like Hey Snails Inc. The company takes up the challenge by combining casual gaming and social gaming under one category. Both Red and Harold have set out to carve a niche in a market that craves for a platform that differentiates between a parent-approved social network and a typical social network where just about everybody can login and socialize.

For the moment, kids can already create an account and start playing on laptops and desktops. New features and updates are being added almost on a daily basis. Kids and kids-at-heart can soon enjoy Hey Snails on mobile too once it rolls off the drawing board and becomes available for download.

Considering the bright outlook that’s shaping up for Hey Snails Inc., are the founders Red and Harold ready to entertain angel investors and VC’s at this point? “Our focus is really on game development and making this platform for kids totally awesome. If there are investors out there who share our vision, we’ll be happy to talk” says a beaming Red Quiambao."

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