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Broder Tells the Truth

cbryant1990 (2842485) writes | about a year and a half ago


cbryant1990 writes "There is a national broo-haha over a NY Times review of Tesla's electric car. John Broder of the NYTs drove it for 500 miles and wrote a review. He panned it. Elon Musk (Space X and Pay Pal) wrote a damning response accusing Mr. Broder of deliberately sabotaging the test drive and produced data to support it. Everyone is calling for the NYTs to fire Broder for such blatant lies. I took a look at the argument and found that Tesla had replaced the cars stock 21" tires with 19" tires. This changes the speed that Tesla thought Broder was driving. They thought he was driving much faster than he was. I digitized Tesla's data and corrected it for the change in tire size and Broder drove exactly as he said. Elon Musk owes the NYT an apology."
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