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New ProProfs Training Maker 2.0 Lets Instructors Easily Create and Offer Any Pub

sas1989 (2845739) writes | about a year and a half ago


sas1989 writes "Solidifying its place as a leader in the Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) movement, today announced it is now the largest MOOC site on the web with more than one million registered users, 70 percent of whom joined in just the past year. In conjunction with the milestone, the company launched its new Training Maker 2.0, offering the fastest, simplest, free MOOC platform for creating and offering complete courses, quizzes and other e-learning materials to ProProfs’ rapidly growing audience.

With ProProfs Training Maker, instructors can quickly build and launch a course for free: simply upload existing content, including multi-media materials, and publish it to the ProProfs platform. ProProfs’ MOOC builder even lets trainers add quizzes to challenge learners and reinforce the material. MOOC instructors can build their own quizzes, or choose from one of nearly 300,000 existing public professional quiz templates in the ProProfs library. The ProProfs platform also includes a full-featured Learning Management System (LMS) for e-learning administration and tracking.

New features in Training Maker 2.0 include:
        Learning Paths that lead trainees down a specific path to course completion. Instructors can stipulate pre-requisite courses or require a certain score level on incremental quizzes to proceed, or give learners the option to skip certain steps if desired.
        MOOC-Objects that enable instructors to embed stand-alone learning objects, like quizzes and other components, into ProProf’s public MOOCs, or build a MOOC entirely with individual learning objects. No other MOOC site supports stand-alone learning objects, and with ProProfs, instructors can even use ProProfs quizzes and other templates with courses created on other systems.
        A redesigned online classroom that enables instructors to embed their entire ProProfs classroom and course offering into their own website. Instructors can view historical reports, current assignments and even make class announcements, all within the ProProfs system, linked directly to their website for easy access.
“With more than one million page views per day and nearly 70 percent of registered users joining in the last year, ProProfs is quickly gaining momentum as the leader in the MOOC movement with our free public course platform,” said ProProfs founder Sameer Bhatia. “These new features make it even easier to take advantage of this unique instructional opportunity.”

In addition to its free public MOOC offering, ProProfs’ enterprise-grade LMS enables employers and/or educational institutions, including many Fortune 500 and top-tier colleges and universities, to offer limited-enrollment courses for a fraction of the cost of most other providers.

To get started with the ProProfs Training Maker, visit [spam URL stripped].

ProProfs ([spam URL stripped]) is the leading provider of comprehensive online tools for building, testing and applying knowledge. Through its products that help create a course, create survey and quizzes, ProProfs offers trainers and educators powerfully-simple features without requiring users to download or learn expensive software. With the largest library of professional quizzes and assessment tools on the Web, as well as a powerful tracking and measurement dashboard, ProProfs empowers users with a valuable feedback engine to apply knowledge, helping them increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. ProProfs is a privately-held company based in Santa Monica, Calif."

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