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GeForce GTX Titan Dominates All Other Video Cards

adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes | about a year and a half ago

Graphics 0

adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes "Nvidia's new GTX Titan isn't meant to replace the Nvidia's current $1,000 card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 690, but is meant to sit beside it. This is the first time Nvidia has brought a specialized niche product over to the general consumer market, even if the $1,000 price tag puts this well out of reach for the majority of buyers. The new $1000 single-GPU card packs seven billion transistors, 6GB of RAM, and 2,688 shader cores. That's significantly larger than the Nvidia GTX 680, which packs 1,536 cores and 2GB to 4GB of RAM depending on the card model. However not all Tesla-class features are enabled on Titan; the new card lacks the K20/K20X's support for dynamic parallelism, Hyper-Q, and GPU virtualization. The one capability it keeps is the option to perform double-precision floating point math at the full rate of 1.48TFLOPS per second. Nvidia's goal with the GTX Titan was to deliver the smoothest possible game experience as opposed to the highest frame rate and based on the performance tests, it's safe to say that they've succeeded In 3DMark 11's Extreme Preset, the GTX Titan's score of 4948 is nearly half again as fast as the GTX 680's 3,381 or the Radeon 7970 GE's 3,106. In the brand-new Futuremark test Fire Strike Extreme, the Titan hits 4,475, compared with 3,155 and 3,076 for the Nvidia 680 and Radeon 7970, respectively."

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