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GeForce GTX TITAN Single and SLI Performance and CrossFire Concerns

Vigile (99919) writes | about a year and a half ago

Graphics 0

Vigile (99919) writes "Details of the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN graphics card based on GK110 are already known including the 7.1 billion transistor GPU, 6GB of on-board frame buffer and full speed double precision compute power but gaming benchmarks and performance weren't revealed until today. PC Perspective has tested the TITAN up against the best graphics cards on the market and found that the new NVIDIA flagship is easily the best single-GPU solution on the market though it does fall behind the dual-GK104 based GTX 690 in most cases. Where TITAN really shines is in multi-display, 5760x1080 resolutions. Interestingly, testing of the CrossFire configurations of the Radeon HD 7970 were omitted from the article due to concerns about current FRAPS-based testing methods, and an interesting new capture solution for performance analysis is discussed."
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