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NBC Website Hacked, Leading Visitors to Citadel Banking Malware

Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes | about a year and a half ago

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Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "Another day, another media company hacked. This time it’s NBC which has fallen victim to hackers on the heels of compromises of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal websites. Various experts have confirmed that NBC’s website is compromised and leading visitors to the dangerous Citadel banking Trojan. The site is reportedly hosting an iframe that is redirecting visitors to sites hosting the RedKit Exploit Kit which is serving up the Citadel malware.

The site remained infected as of 3:30 p.m. ET as attackers were rotating out the iframes regularly, each pointing to a number of attack pages, including a site with a Russian name that translates to my-new-sploit [dot]com.

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab confirmed the redirections are leading victims to Citadel and Zeus (Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.jfgj). Citadel is a version of Zeus and is used primarily for banking fraud. Experts say it is sold only in the Russian underground and only to certain customers in order to keep support costs down and reduce the risk of infiltration by law enforcement."

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