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Robots, Apparently, Are Botching Surgeries All Over the Place

pigrabbitbear (2519384) writes | about a year and a half ago

Robotics 1

pigrabbitbear writes ""We are committed to helping victims of robot surgery receive the medical care and compensation they deserve As both a lawyer and a licensed medical doctor, Dr. Francois Blaudeau has made it his mission to fight for the victims of traumatic complications as a result of botched robot surgery."

That's the opening salve from the medical malpractice lawyers who run the slick fear factory of a website, According to the doctor-lawyers behind it—doctor-lawyers like Francois Blaudeau, MD, JD, FACHE, FCLM—“thousands of people have suffered severe and critical complications at the hands of surgical robots.” In fact, “robotic surgery has been linked to many serious injuries and severe complications, including death.”"

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The Problem: "Doctor-Lawyer" (1)

TheSwift (2714953) | about a year and a half ago | (#42973939)

As a pre-med, I find this immensely interesting. However, the problem with this argument (as the OP implies) is that it's a law firm. Of course they're going to tell us that robots are botching surgeries; they're God-damned medical malpractice attorneys. They'll say that any procedure or medicine, no matter how well-researched, is botched.

I spent time volunteering in the operating room at Banner Gateway Medical Center in Gilbert, AZ and had the opportunity to sit and watch numerous robotic surgeries. Contrary to popular belief, you don't press a few buttons and let a humanoid robot walk over to the pt and start cutting them up to do a hysterectomy. The physician directly controls the highly precise robotic arms and looks directly into a laproscopic camera in a terminal in the operating room. Robots don't botch surgeries, surgeons do. Oh, and doctors don't jack up the cost of medicine, medical malpractice attorneys do.

Everyone I speak with who actually sees the results of surgeries (techs, nurses, surgeon's, patients) told me that the robotic surgeries were absolutely the way to go. They reduce recovery time by making far more precise and far smaller incisions and they give the surgeon the opportunity to be sitting during surgeries that can exceed 4 hours - that's a big deal. If I had a laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery was an option, I'd be all over it.

Google Scholar search will give you dozens of articles to peruse about how well researched this field is. And of course, the people who make the surgical robot Da Vinci Surgery, have plenty of sources they cite: [] .

If you have a question about medicine, ask a doctor, not a lawyer. No, I don't work for Da Vinci, but I do work for doctors and I see the ridiculous hoops they have to jump through to avoid shitty litigation like this.

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