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Specimen copies of new book on Talend Open Studio for Data Integration available

darshanaj (2838107) writes | about a year and a half ago


darshanaj writes "Limited copies of Packt's new book, Getting Started with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, is available for review. To place your request, all you need to do is email me at with following details:

1. Email address — We require email address to register new users with Packt account. E-books & code are available for download through such registered accounts.

2. Website — Mention the website where you'd host your review of the book, e.g. your blog, website, forum,, etc.

About the book: Talend Open Studio for Data Integration (TOS) is an open source graphical development environment for creating custom integrations between systems. It comes with over 600 pre-built connectors that make it quick and easy to connect databases, transform files, load data, move or copy and rename files and connect individual components in order to define complex integration processes"

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