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Ask Slashdot: Which Email Providers Support Wildcard addresses & filter spam

tiznom (1602661) writes | about a year ago

Spam 1

tiznom (1602661) writes "I'm currently using Google Apps free with a custom domain. I have a wildcard / catch-all filter set so I can use most anything to the left of the @ sign and it still reaches me. Spam isn't an issue.

I've used for ages. It's too much trouble to go back and update all the accounts to change them all to my real address.

I want to move off of Google Apps. Paid services are no problem. I can't find any email services that both allow PLUS do spam filtering on the catch-all addresses. Are there any out there?"

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1 comment

I use Yahoo! Mail filters (1)

WizardFusion (989563) | about a year ago | (#43001757)

I have my forward all email to my Yahoo Mail account (yes I know). I then filter based on everything before the @ to move it into specific folders, or spam. Has worked very well for the last 10 years. I can even set up multiple From address too if I need to.
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