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Ask Slashdot: Projects for a heap of junk?

yenrabbit (2746763) writes | about a year and a half ago


yenrabbit (2746763) writes "A friend has just told me that he has 80 CRT TVs, a stach of DVD players and hundereds of VCR machines, all broken and all mine free of charge. I can already think of a few awesome components i can extract (flyback transformers for high voltage contraptions and so on) and have a few ideas such as DVD lasers etc that i can build, but what else can be made from such a treasure-trove of components, and how would one go about processing such a large volume of stuff with the least amount of effort? Also, i don't have access to online shopping so i'd also like a pain free way of salvaging many simpler parts such as resistors as well."

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Don't do it! It's not "free"! (1)

Avidiax (827422) | about a year and a half ago | (#43015351)

I have been down this road myself, and seen my family members suffer for it.

Be honest with yourself, and look at your track record. I'll bet that you have alot of cruft lying around for projects that are still "in progress". You have a reason that they are still "in progress", but realistically, you are never going to complete it. They are all waiting on something, and that thing they are waiting on is not actually in progress.

Now you want to take in enough derelict electronics to fill a shipping container, because having 53, low power, invisible, assorted brands and designs of IR lasers, still buried inside their cases, is somehow better than not having them.

Do yourself a favor and tell your "friend" to hire an electronics disposal company. He should be paying you to take all that crap off his hands.

When the day comes that a flyback transformer or DVD laser is the last part needed to complete your Tesla coil or whatever, $5 in gas money and Craigslist will get you your part.

Two words (1)

burisch_research (1095299) | about a year and a half ago | (#43018389)

Actually four -- the dump.

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