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Criticisms Toward Copyright Alert System Mounts

Dangerous_Minds (1869682) writes | about a year ago

Your Rights Online 1

Dangerous_Minds (1869682) writes "This last week, the Copyright Alert System was rolled out. Now that everyone is getting a better idea of what the alert system looks like, criticisms are building against the system. Freezenet says that the mere fact that ISPs are using a browser pop-up window opens the floodgates for fraudsters to hijack the system and scam users out of money. The EFF criticized the system because the educational material contains numerous flaws. Meanwhile, Web Pro News said that this system will also hurt small business and consumers as well."
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So let me get this right.. (1)

niftymitch (1625721) | about a year and a half ago | (#43051219)

So educate me.... the tool notices something that it wants to bring into question.

Now the tool steals Copyright Content and modifies it in any way that they want to pop up a message.

If I block popups and do not see the warning was I warned.

If they modify the content to not use popups and they are not the copyright holder they are in violation.

Oh what a tangle...

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