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Kickstarter breathes new life into non-computer RPG's

Anonymous Coward writes | about a year ago

Role Playing (Games) 1

An anonymous reader writes "Looking at the pages of Kickstarter now I see a lot of Role-Playing Games being done — these are not your computer based games, but the old style Pen, Paper and Dice ones. As the world changes into the more computer-centric games world (even classic board games are getting the digital treatment) it's good that the old tabletop-style games are still popular and have a way of being funded via Indie methods.

The art of gaming without pixels is something that should never be lost — mainly because it's all in the head of the players and therefore helps with social interaction, communication and imagination. Whereas computer-based RPGs (and FPS's) present the player with everything that the designer wanted them to see — there is no way for the player to ask about something that is not on the screen.

What do other 'older' gamers think about how the RPG industry is going? Should we support the newer paper RPG's or continue down the digital route?"

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Keep us Oldies Happy (1)

deeprobert (1649429) | about a year ago | (#43090355)

The KS thing is a good idea. I can see many games there getting a great chance to become something many would play - there seem to be many already successful projects there too. I like the Vacuum Shadows one especially. (Full disclosure: I'm one of the developers of it!)
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