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Options for setting up an XBMC PVR in a fully DRM'ed area?

AlphaWolf_HK (692722) writes | about a year and a half ago


AlphaWolf_HK (692722) writes "I own an HDHomeRun Prime tuner, and unfortunately I live in an area where the cable provider (Cox) blanket flags all channels to be copy restricted. Most cable providers don't do this, and in fact Cox only does this in certain areas. I've managed to talk to some people within Cox who say that even though those in charge of one area turn the flag on, and those in charge of another area turn it off, both say they are following corporate policy. The FCC won't help on this matter, in spite of the fact that I am fairly certain (but can't prove) that Cox simply wants to charge me a $20 a month premium for using their in-house DVR's. In any case, I'm tired of using Windows Media Center due to bugs and other problems, but since the channels are flagged it is the only option. Satellite is of course not an option at all (no cablecard or similar standard.) I've already begun moving most of my content watching to XBMC in the form of using sickbeard and couchpotato, both of which do an amazing job even with torrents now that usenet has been getting hit pretty hard. To match this, I've already dropped my cable tier to the lowest possible for some basic digital channels that people in my household still watch and aren't available over torrents (e.g. CNN, fox news — yes, we like all perspectives) but ideally I'd like to cut the cord completely as the service is otherwise useless. (Note: I was and still am willing to pay for cable and otherwise wouldn't be using torrents, but I refuse to use their scientific atlanta DVR's or windows media center, both of which are terrible, and I'm done with tivo for similar reasons.) That said, are there any options for obtaining this content without physically moving to comcast territory where they don't do this? Or perhaps any workarounds for the CCI flag? Ideally anything that allows XBMC with digital content and no transcoding."

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