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Android And BlackBerry Malware Selling For Thousands On Dark Web

twoheadedboy (2025278) writes | about a year ago

Android 0

twoheadedboy writes "Down in the dark web mobile malware pushers are getting active. TechWeekEurope has been handed evidence that one piece of malware called Perkele, which can infect Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices, is being sold for as much as $15,000. The dealer is offering more than just the code — there are support and design services on offer too, as well as a choice of Regular and Lite versions of the malicious app. It is designed to work with PC banking Trojans, by intercepting SMS messages containing the secret code required to access bank accounts, providing that second factor in the authentication process. Meanwhile, the target thinks they are carrying out a legitimate session with their bank, unaware of the man-in-the-browser attack hitting them. Given how prevalent mobile malware is becoming, and how much money can be made from such schemes, it is perhaps no surprise Perkele is on sale for such a high figure."
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