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Is It Time To Adopt Gamers' Bill of Rights

adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes | about a year and a half ago

Games 2

adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes "The SimCity launch debacle is only the latest in an increasingly frustrating string of affronts to gamers' rights as customers. Before SimCity, we had Ubisoft's always-on DRM (that the company only ended quietly after massive outcry from gamers). We had the forced online and similarly unplayable launch of Diablo III. We had games like Asura's Wrath and Final Fantasy: All the Bravest that required you to pay more money just to complete them after you purchase them. And let us never forget the utter infamy of StarForce, SecuROM, and Sony's copy protection, which installed rootkits on computers without users' knowledge. As one recently published article argues, maybe its time for gamers' Bill of Rights."

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Spoiled much? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about a year and a half ago | (#43150139)

What? Why? Do we have a radio listeners' bill of rights(tm)? Do we have a TV watchers' bill of rights(tm)? How about an art museum visitor's bill of rights(tm)?

No, no, and no. Stop trivializing the Bill of Rights. There's a very huge ocean of difference between an entirely optional form of entertainment where many, many alternatives exist and the basic rights of human beings under oppressive leadership. When the Bill of Rights was written, the options colonists had was to either submit to British rule or die horribly. With video games, your options are to play the game or shut your face, stop giving these companies money, and play something else.

No, seriously. You may not believe this, but you don't HAVE to play the latest, hottest, most marketed games. You're not being forced to give anyone any money here. You can tell them to fuck off and walk away. That's not the popular choice? People are *gasp* playing games you don't like and giving what you call these evil, evil, evil companies money for something you don't agree with? Well, tough shit. This isn't some situation where EA is doing things that prevent other companies from doing anything. EA isn't stopping people from releasing indie games, EA hasn't made it illegal to not release games through them, and EA hasn't done anything to prevent smaller, DRM-free dev houses from creating things.

So suck it up. If you don't like it, don't play it. It's as simple as that. Quit your bitching.

Re:Spoiled much? (1)

HavenBastion (2457216) | about a year and a half ago | (#43155449)

you're an idiot. we're not talking about some media that is paid for by advertising, we are talking about something people pay their good money for and then are denied getting what they paid for. hardly the same thing. noone has a right to Fraud or Bait & Switch which is essentially what this is. no company has the right to sell something and then give you less than you paid for.
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