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Ask Slashdot: Mac to Linux Return Flow?

jasnw (1913892) writes | about a year and a half ago


jasnw (1913892) writes "I'm one of apparently many people who moved to OS X from Linux in the early/mid 2000s for their desktop system, keeping Linux boxes around for the heavy lifting and server work. I may also be part of a large segment of that group now considering a return because of all the iOS-ification of OS X, despite the fact that the Linux desktop still falls short in the "it just works" area. I'm pissed enough at Apple, and wary enough of Linux, that I might just go to using Windows 7 for the desktop (not Win8, however). What is the feeling/experience of other "traitors" who run OS X for the desktop and Linux for everything else?"

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Stick with OS X (1)

GreatDrok (684119) | about a year and a half ago | (#43162155)

I've used Linux since 1994, and was on SunOS before that so I was very pleased when Mac OS X came out because I could stop using the shabby PC hardware to run Linux and go for an OS that would support all the hardware without fiddling. There were some things that Apple made difficult in the early days (X11, terminals, that sort of thing) but over time, they embraced the UNIX underpinnings and OS X became comfortable to use. I did recently (over the last two years) experiment with having a Windows 7 desktop at home and it has been an unmitigated disaster. Constant security updates, and the OS wines and moans at you. The hardware is powerful, but still Windows 7 struggles. The intrusive security software doesn't help and even with Cygwin installed, it still barely manages to meet my needs. I just switched back to a Mac at home with a little Mac mini running ML which zips along nicely despite actually being less powerful than the PC. Sure, many features in OS X are being pulled over from iOS and I don't like them either, but you can turn off the hiding scroll bars, just don't use the launch pad, and ignore full screen apps. Other than that, it pretty much feels like OS X and everything still works. Apple does respond to feedback (eventually) and I expect some of the horrors like the leather look calendar will be dropped in the next round but overall, it is still the best of the bunch. I have Ubuntu and CentOS running too by the way and if you just want to live in a terminal any of them will be good enough but you just can't beat the combination of Apple hardware (it really is much nicer than the shabby PCs out there unless you spend Apple money) and a fully supported UNIX environment.

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