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EU research suggests online music piracy does not harm legitimate sales

waterbear (190559) writes | about a year and a half ago

EU 0

waterbear writes "Two researchers at the European Commission's 'in-house science service' IPTS, Luis Aguiar and Bertin Martens, report results of their study of "the effects of illegal downloading and legal streaming on the legal purchases of digital music". Among their conclusions is that Internet users do not seem to view illegal downloading as a substitute for legal digital music. They find that a 10% increase in clicks on legal streaming websites leads to up to a 0.7% increase in clicks on legal digital purchase websites, but a 10% increase in clicks on illegal downloading websites leads only to a 0.2% increase in clicks on legal purchase websites. A BBC report of this research summarizes that "music web piracy does not harm legitimate sales", and also says that music industry reaction to the report is heavily critical, calling it "flawed and misleading"."
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