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Affordable Radeon HD 7790 has Trinity-style power management

crookedvulture (1866146) writes | about a year and a half ago


crookedvulture writes "Today AMD unveils Bonaire, a new graphics chip that will power the $150 Radeon HD 7790. This GPU is based on the same Graphics Core Next architecture as current-generation Radeons, but it employs more advanced power management tech inherited from AMD's Trinity APUs. An on-chip microcontroller manages power states, enabling quicker transitions between a greater number of frequency and voltage states. Thanks in part to that mojo, the 7790 draws 24% less power under load than the Radeon HD 7850 it replaces. The new model also runs two decibels quieter. In games, it delivers lower frame latencies than the 7850 and competing GeForce cards, which translates to smoother gameplay. The 7850 does have higher FPS averages in some titles, suggesting that AMD's recent latency optimizations may not be applied evenly in the latest drivers."
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Really Bad Product Name (1)

Jherek Carnelian (831679) | about a year and a half ago | (#43243561)

Do they not know who their target market is? This thing was already renamed the big red Radeon Boner before they even finished writing the press release.

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