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$ 35 Indian tablet almost gone

damitr (1795258) writes | about a year and a half ago


damitr writes "With a lot of fanfare the Indian Government had launched ( a $35 tablet labelled as Aakash (The Sky). The project took a lot of scepticism, but the government went ahead with the project. But delays in production and deployment of the tablet means that the project is almost shelved. The manufacturer has been unable to supply the required 100,000 units deadline for which is March 31 2013 The new minister Pallam Raju who took over the ministry looking after the project says: "Aakash is only a tablet... there are other such devices as well. While work will continue to develop it and increase its productivity, manufacturing is obviously a problem," The $35 tablet that now stares at an uncertain future. And in a few days time we will know what happens to the project."

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