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MLB cancels opening day over concerns of AFD.

JayInPlano (1865346) writes | about a year and a half ago


JayInPlano writes "According to Major league baseball has decided to postpone opening day for one day. As Bud Selig said in an interview earlier today, “We just won’t know if the umpires will really miss the call, or will they just be yanking our chain!” He did note that relations between ownership and the umpire union have not been very good. MLB is looking at using the NFL replacement referees from last year to official today’s games, but talks fell thru. Also interviewed by ESPN George Steinbrenner was quoted “Are F*&%ing kidding me? Everyone would be able to see the difference instantly.” Referring to the fact those umpires wearing their glasses would be the only umpires to correctly see the play. MLB has noted that the majority of umpires still refuse to wear their prescription glasses or contacts during the games, preferring dark sunglasses instead.
Meanwhile, the Texas Rangers will have to endure another day being in last place in all of baseball."

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