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Ask Slashdot: Giving in to paid tethering, what device?

qkslvr846 (925002) writes | about a year and a half ago


qkslvr846 (925002) writes "Get off my lawn: I used to get it, free OTA in exchange for commercials. Then came paid cable tv and paid satellite radio and paid unlimited Internet, all with ads.
Now we have paid unlimited reruns (Netflix), paid live sports (cable/satellite), paid fixed Internet, unlimited voice/SMS with 2GB data (in the u.s.a. for $40-100).
In total, for ~$200 a month I pay for 50/25Mb fiber Internet/1080i tv/unlimited national voice on a fixed line and unlimited voice/SMS mobile (with exorbitant international fees. I use a 3rd party for cheap voice calls to elderly relatives abroad), with mobile data capped at 2GB at admittedly impressive 4G bandwidth, something like 15/5Mb with ping under 25.

Here's the question:
What's then best device on the market to tether to a 4G phone? Specifically, what device should I tether to the RAZR MAXX 4.1.2 I'm carrying? I already have a clunky win7/linux notebook as a home base and an ipad2 for consuming the Internet/kindle. Neither seem appealing as a mobile device for when I break down and pay for the privilege of tethering THE LIMITED DATA I ALREADY PAY FOR. (Work phone, can't jailbreak.)

More details:
I need the "full" Internet with Citrix, flash, .exe's, USB/memory card/Bluetooth/wifi, IR would be nice but not required. Also good support for keyboard, mouse, speakers, projector, and an external display (or two) if it's going to replace the notebook.

I promise I'm not trolling, I know flash and .exe's are a tough sell here on /. but so it goes with BYOD. What are your favorite (on the market) solutions to complement an android phone? Thanks."

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