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ZDNet proclaims "Windows: It's over"

plastick (1607981) writes | about a year and a half ago


plastick (1607981) writes ""You can think Windows 8 will evolve into something better, but the numbers show that Windows is coming to a dead end."

ZDNet is known to take the side of Microsoft in the past. ZDNet's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains "The very day the debate came to an end, this headline appeared: IDC: Global PC shipments plunge in worst drop in a generation. Sure, a lot of that was due to the growth of tablets and smartphones and the rise of the cloud, but Windows 8 gets to take a lot of the blame too. After all, the debate wasn't whether or not Windows 8 was any good. It's not. The debate was over whether it could be saved.""

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The slowest train wreck in history? (1)

mianne (965568) | about a year and a half ago | (#43458545)

When even many non-nerds saw that the Surface was not going to catch on when it was announced last year. (To be fair, many people snickered at the "iPad" before it hit the market.) But throw in a whole new interface, copy that interface to the new version of Windows, yet make apps/programs incompatible across platforms. And the average Joe could see this was a recipe for disaster. The nerds among us already have hands-on experience with the also-rans--especially those of us who scored in the HP TouchPad fire sale. Ballmer saw himself becoming the next Steve Jobs thinking that his solitary passion for the MS tablet/Windows overhaul would completely override his detractors.The tablet is the next big thing and we must make our mark-common sense be damned! But out of this, I think Microsoft is in far more mortal danger than the eternal doom of its flagship O/S. They bet the farm on Win8, forcing it onto all consumer grade PCs, without leaving a reasonable bridge between the prior and subsequent versions which kept the company from its current situation when WinME came out, as one could hold onto Win98, wait for XP, or pay a bit more for Win2K as alternatives. Ballmer isn't offering any alternative to hanging onto Win7 for the masses this time around.

Therefore, for the typical person looking to buy a PC or laptop off the shelf at their local big box store, the options really boil down to: 1) Unwitting or knowingly choose to suffer with Win8; 2) Buy a MacBook; 3) Choose an iPad or Android tablet; or 4) rely on their iOS or Android smartphone. And again to all the nerds: the suburban soccer mom buying a laptop to send their kid off to college with is NOT going to: 1) search for a Linux distro to install, or 2) search eBay and/or TPB for a WinXP/7 setup disk.

Therefore, I don't believe this is merely the end of Windows, it could very well be the end of Microsoft entirely. Yes, they still have Office, and a few mice and keyboards. This is not enough to maintain the company at it's present size. Expect plenty more rounds of layoffs this year, a stock selloff, bankruptcy, and Google and Apple in a bidding war for the few remaining profitable assets such as Office.
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